effortless payments

Circuit Caddie allows club members to go totally cashless and pay their caddie directly. Once a member is downloads the Circuit Caddie app, all that’s left is searching the caddie’s name and completing the payment.

tip time

Circuit Caddie allows club members to keep multiple cards on file. Once done with a round, they can click which card they want to use and add in a tip.

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For Members

no cash required

Have you ever finished playing a round with a client and had to reach into your pocket for cash to tip your caddie? It’s never comfortable and, worse yet, can turn into a scene. With Circuit Caddie you’ll never have to experience that again. Circuit Caddie enables direct, online caddie payment through the click of a button. And that includes the tip.

keep track of your caddie fees

With Circuit Caddie, your caddie fees will be charged to your credit card immediately so you will be able to manage your expenses better. Multiple credit cards can be stored to your account so you can separate personal outings from work outings and easily expense entertainment to your business card without having to sort through your monthly club bill.

rate away

Your club wants to know your thoughts about how your caddie performed. Circuit Caddie allows you to rate your caddie on his or her performance.