Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started on Circuit?

Caddie: Invite, download, Stripe account.
If you’re a vetted caddie at a course with Circuit, then signing up is as easy as downloading the app, putting in your access code, and setting up a stripe account to receive payments

Member: Invite, download, credit card to pay.
For a player to register with Circuit all they must do is download the app and sign up for a stripe account. From there the player can pay caddies at any course that has signed up to work with Circuit.

Club: Enter caddies and membership into Circuit, remove club from caddie payments.
Once a club is signed up for Circuit they need to import their roster of caddies and then players can begin paying caddies immediately.

How are caddies paid?

Stripe account linked to app > members pays via credit card > deposited into caddie bank account.
Each caddie will have the ability to sign up for a stripe account through Circuit and begin receiving payments via the player’s stripe account. Once the payments are received the caddie can transfer his accumulated funds directly into his or her bank account.

Will a caddie make more money with Circuit?

Our data suggests that when being paid with a credit card, caddies will typically earn 5-10% more after fees than they would when being paid with cash.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a multi-billion-dollar payment processor who’s services are very similar to PayPal. Stripe processes payments for companies like Lyft, Fitbit, and Pinterest.

What fees are associated with using Circuit?

For the Caddie/Player:
Stripe collects a fee of 2.9% and $.30 per transaction. Circuit collects a $1.00 fee per bag fee.

What about taxes?

Caddies should consult a tax expert about taxable income. There will not be a 1099 issued by Stripe unless you earn more than $20,000 AND have 200 transactions in a year.
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Can caddies connect with members in the app?

The caddie has no contact to the member through the technology. The only form of interaction that the caddie and member have through the app is the payment transaction and the rating and review of that particular caddie which is then sent to the club.

How long will it take for the caddies to be paid?

Stripe typically takes 2-7 days after the loop has been completed. Once the caddie completes his first transaction through Stripe the caddie will start receiving payments within a 48 hour time frame.
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What if members don't want to use the app?

Members are still able to pay their caddies with cash. As the world begins to turn to a cashless environment, the players have the option to pay their caddies by credit card.

Will this create more work for our club employees?

The club and its employees will reduce the amount of time they need to spend handling cash, processing chits, and reconciling accounting records. Circuit aims to provide the club with a quick and easy way to manage their caddie program, providing employees with more time to conquer other tasks at the club.

Are caddies still considered independent contractors?

Caddies are still classified as independent contractors and are not considered employees of neither Circuit nor their respective club.
Circuit Caddie App available in Apple and Google app stores

Circuit Technologies, Inc.

Circuit Technologies, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is the parent company of Circuit Caddie. Circuit Technologies is currently working on a number of new projects including Circuit Pro, an easy-to-use platform for golf and tennis pros to share inventory of lesson times with users and facilitate direct payments


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