Retire your cash box

Improve cash flow

Members at your club love having caddies as part of their club services but usually aren’t aware of the financial burden the club carries when caddie fees are billed on a chit. Clubs shouldn’t have to tap into their credit line to cover these fees so we’ve created a better, cashless way for members to easily pay caddies from their mobile device.

Circuit Caddie eases the cash burden on clubs. By facilitating direct payment from member to caddie after a loop, clubs are able to entirely remove themselves from the payment process. All of the cash once laid out to cover caddie payments is now kept on the balance sheet and able to improve other areas of the club. Click here to find out more on why your club should retire their cash box!

Reduce risk

All clubs know about the cash box, the one filled with tens of thousands of dollars to pay the caddies. Unfortunately, far too many clubs know what it’s like to have sizable amounts of cash go missing from the box.

There’s too much risk in using insecure methods to handle cash. With direct caddie payment, Circuit Caddie removes the risk of theft or reporting inaccuracies and keeps the payment process worry-free and clean.

Less work

Circuit Caddie reduces the amount of time club employees spend handling cash, processing chits and payments, and reconciling with accounting.
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Simply arrange payment

Simply provide Circuit with your caddie list including the caddie's name, phone number and email. Your members will be able to download our app, search the name of the caddie within your clubs Circuit account, and pay them directly through the Circuit Caddie app.

Caddie Ratings

After each round, members will be able to provide feedback on their caddie experience giving you vital feedback on your caddies. Use feedback to ensure the quality of your caddie program.

Circuit Caddie App available in Apple and Google app stores

Circuit Technologies, Inc.

Circuit Technologies, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is the parent company of Circuit Caddie. Circuit Technologies is currently working on a number of new projects including Circuit Pro, an easy-to-use platform for golf and tennis pros to share inventory of lesson times with users and facilitate direct payments


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