More Loops mean more money

Get paid more.

Why do caddies love Circuit Caddie? They make more money.

Caddies are making over 10% more than they made with cash or chits when members use their credit cards and are provided suggested tip amounts.

Get paid faster.

Forget about worrying if the cash box has been refilled. You will receive your payment after your round directly from your player to your Stripe account.

Get paid easier.

With Circuit Caddie, players and caddies no longer have to deal with the hassle of hounding the club for payments and waiting to receive their cash. Setting up payments through Circuit is a one-time process allowing payments to be made directly to your Stripe account with just a few clicks.
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Circuit for Caddies

Easy Setup

To get started:

  1. Provide your caddie master with your email address or mobile phone number so they can include you in the list of approved caddies at your club.
  2. Create your Circuit account. Make sure you use the contact information you provided the caddie master.
  3. Create a Stripe account, or link an existing Stripe account to your Circuit Caddie app. For this, you'll need your bank account information and social security number.

Quick & Secure Payments

Upon completion of your round, the player will receive a notification to pay you directly through the app, without the hassle of going through the club, or fumbling around for cash.

Circuit Caddie App available in Apple and Google app stores

Circuit Technologies, Inc.

Circuit Technologies, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is the parent company of Circuit Caddie. Circuit Technologies is currently working on a number of new projects including Circuit Pro, an easy-to-use platform for golf and tennis pros to share inventory of lesson times with users and facilitate direct payments


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Cleveland OH 44113
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