Bring caddies and players
closer together.

When players pay their caddies directly, clubs win.


Up Cash

Clubs traditionally front the cash to pay their caddies. A busy season can put a club in a financial bind. Now members can pay caddies directly through Circuit Caddie and clubs can keep their cash on the balance sheet.

Your Risk

When a club keeps thousands of dollars in its cashbox, bad things can happen and often times do. Protect your club by taking your caddie program cashless with Circuit Caddie while improving the member experience.

Keep Members

Whether members are entertaining for business or hitting the links with a few friends, the last thing they want is to fumble around for cash to pay their caddie. With Circuit Caddie you can make the transaction cashless so there’s never an uncomfortable moment.

Improve the
Club Experience

Members no longer have to worry about having cash and can easily keep track of their business expenses. Caddies make more money and get paid faster. Clubs can retain their cash to improve other club amenities. Everyone wins.

Play and pay.

No more last minute trips to the ATM. No more carrying cash around. Circuit Caddie allows club members to pay and tip their caddie directly through an easy-to-use app on their mobile device. Step off the course, click a button and done.